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Hello, I'm Bailey. I like 19th century things, french fries, tulips, werewolves, lovecraft, birds, and Die Hard. This blog is for nonsense and drawings.

Happy New Year everybody!!! (A little late but whatever.)

I know I haven’t been drawing much but big things have been happening. Christmas obviously took up a lot of my time (and all of my money) and inbetween I’ve been preparing to move to a new apartment like all of December. But I’m so excited!! I’m really looking forward to a fresh start.

I also got a new laptop so I feel really enthused about drawing again. My computer had totally burnt out and I was using my brother’s old computer. It had windows vista and made photoshop lag and crash. Ugh it was a nightmare. But now everything is shiny and new!! I can draw on my computer in bed, this is what heaven is like.

I feel like 2014 is going to be a really good year. LETS DO IT.

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its not that i don’t appreciate moving and weighty stories that speak to the human condition its just that they depress me and i would rather see people kiss

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